20/12/16 – Deep thinking 💭 

As I’ve been working on college work over  the last few days, I’ve identified that my focus on the subject can sometimes drift onto different (and sometimes random) topics . 

This lack of focus can sometimes effect how productive my day has been, my current work load is very high and the majority of my work has a lot of tight deadlines which means I need to be as productive as possible so that I can meet all the deadlines and make the right amount of progress. 

While looking into ways that I can increase my focus and productivity while working an a task , I stumbled upon the concept of Deep thinking, which is all about removing all the distractions and just completely focusing on the task. I was very interested in this particular concept and hope to implement it into the way I work to increase my productivity. 

I’ll keep you all updated about how it’s going . 



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