17/12/16 – I survived…. 

Last night was a rough night. I got completely waisted and ended back at the hotel by 10:00 PM . However, I had started drinking around 1:00 and was drinking heavily. 

It started off ok and I wasn’t drinking too much but gradually I started To drink more and more stronger drinks and I was soon having Yeager bombs which is not going to end well. 

By 10:00 I was already waisted and that’s when I started to head back to my hotel to sleep it off . I’m lucky I booked the room because I was so past it that I had been throwing up on the way back and would have probably been in a lot worse trouble if I had tried to catch the train . 

When I woke up this morning I couldn’t remember getting back to the room. They do say that it’s been a good night if you can’t remember it . 



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