22/09/16 – Treasure hunt.

Did you ever used to pretend to hunt for hidden treasures when you were younger , I distinctly remember spending hours hunting for treasure when I way a kid.

Today was when I finally returned back to my childhood. Me and my mentor had been given a list of 25 emergency stop buttons that all needed testing to ensure that they worked when needed , to test an emergency stop you first have to locate the stop button when you have found it , you operate the button and then walk back to the panel to see if it has tripped out there . The whole process is very time-consuming as your constantly walking to and fro.

The hardest part of doing this task was to locate the button in the first place as we weren’t given a specific location for each button instead it was just the motor name and a code. For example : Emergency Vent Fan  N1636 and this was all we had to on. But despite the lack of information about the location we somehow managed to locate all of the buttons. #Jobwelldone #feelingachieved



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