21/09/16 : Testing Procedure.

I love the days when I can actually do things instead of just hovering around my mentor,  It provides me with the sence that I actually have a reason to be there. And today was one of those days , we had a whole load of PMs (planned maintenance) to do so my mentor decided that it would be a good idea for me to lead all the maintenance that we had to do.

The majority of PM is pretty straight forward as it only requires to test for continuity and insulation resistance between the different windings of the motor and earth. I enjoyed leading the checks and although my mentor was supervising me I still felt like I was able to complete them by my self. I get a great feeling been able to do small tasks like these , it boosts my confidence.


P.S : There is going to be a big announcement about a project that ive been working on lately  and Id like to Shear it with you all , so tune in at 6 Pm  on the 23rd ( GMT Time ) where I will reveal all.




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