10/09/16 : The light at the end of the tunnel.

I had a very long lie in today , I was close to missing my therapy appointment but I managed to get up and ready just in the nick of time so that I wasnt late to my appointment. This is my final week where im doing counseling , as of next week I start doing life Coaching . I’m excited to start coaching as I think it will help me to develop myself further and become a more complete person.

With the help from my therapist I’ve grown so much over the last 7 months that ive been seeking her help and I now belive that im a better , more relaxed person who is better able to deal with a wider range of social situations and my mood is remaining at a constant level compared to back in february when I was at my lowest.


I managed to finalize the design a part of my latest project

PS . I have to thank my amazing girlfriend Emily for all her support over the last few months as I know ive been a complete idiot at times.

PPS. Sorry about posting two blogs today , I only just realised that I didn’t actually post Mondays Blog on Monday so I posted it today.


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