31/08/16 : Early bird catches the worm.

I was woken today by the annoying sound of my morning alarm as I had set it for a 6am start for work , however when I woke up and checked my phone only to find out that my mentor had given me the day off work.

As I had woken early in preparation for work I decided to spend the majority of the day working outside sorting though the majority of the junk that has been kept in the shed as I’m in the process of tidying in up so that it can become my workshop at a later date.Ive managed to get some of the unless junk moved out of the shed and into the rubbish pile so that it can be moved up to land fill on the next trip up there.

Another calm day 


P.S : If you follow my blog on a daily basis, you may have noticed that I haven’t been doing my weekly articles for “My Trending Stories “the reason for this is because I’ve decided to take a short break from the weekly writing that I’ve been doing so that I can refresh the way I do things and spend my time focusing on developing the quality of my work. Don’t worry as I will be back to writing my weekly articles soon. On another note you may have also noticed that there hasn’t been as many photos uploaded to my portfolio and the reason for this is because I’m planning on taking my photography to a more professional level and to do this I need to improve my overall skills so my focus has been with that over the last few weeks but be reassured that I am still taking photos and that they will be able to be viewed in the coming weeks as I have a big announcement coming soon.


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