19/08/16 : It’s raining , it’s poring.

Today has been another miserable day , the weather hasn’t really been that great today , it’s been raining for most of the day which has lowered my overall mood.

I’ve done a lot of driving today as I have had to run a number of different errands to prepare for my holiday that I go one tomorrow, I’m not complaining  about the amount of driving that I have to do because it’s all getting some more experience that is useful to help me passing my driving test. I went to Scarborough as I had to buy a new suitcase that could fit into the cabin size of the aeroplane so that it can easily be stored overhead during the flight. I’m looking forward to going on holiday next week as it will be my first time flying ,  I honestly Cannot wait. #holiday !!

PS – there is going to be some changes to this blog , so keep tuned.



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