17/08/16 :Aerator motor and gearbox.

While my mentor is away on holiday I have been allocated a temporary mentor called Nathan. It works out really well for me as he drives past my hotel in order to get to work on a morning so it works out better having him as my mentor while I’m staying in Leeds.

We had one job booked in for today , however, it was a  massive job that required the use of a hired crane and 4 people to help install a replacement gearbox as well as an accompanying motor that would be used to operate the paddle of the aerator. The job of the aerator is to increase the oxygen levels in the sludge to help the breakdown of the sludge.

After work, I came back to the hotel where I spent the rest of the evening making the most of the time that I have left in this hotel, I’ve been living life up . I also spend a few hours talking to Emily as i haven’t seen her for a while.

Surface aerator low speed
The Type of aerator that i helped to install.



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