14/08/16 – Take the next right.

This morning got up early so that I could get a lot of work done today, I love been as productive as possible especially at the weekend, as it means that I can get a lot more work done during the day . I spent most of the morning getting some more driving experience as it is getting closer towards my driving test so every second of driving experience counts.

I spent the afternoon working at home on an upcoming project , this is a project that I’ve been trying to get done for a few weeks but have never had the time to get a long sit-in on it so I was only ever getting little bits done at a time , however , I managed to  get a few hours spare today so I spent the time working on that, while doing that I was spending some quality time talking to Emily as I haven’t been able to talk to during the week.

Ps – In yesterday’s blog post I forgot to mention that I had written another article for “My Trending Stories” .

The links are below :

Medium – https://medium.com/@dancalvert15/10-things-that-i-would-tell-my-younger-self-1c2a5501cf82#.bnf33bpgj

My Trending stories https://mytrendingstories.com/article/ten-things-that-i-would-tell-my-younger-self-2/



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