11/08/16 : Working at Heights.

Again I had another training course to attend to however ,this time, it was working at heights that I was training for . The course had originally been planned so that it lasted a half day but when we started the course the instructor told us that they had recently improved the training provided to ensure that all of the people have the relevant training for a wide range of different scenarios that might be experienced.

What I love most about these training course is the quality of the hands-on experience that they provide . Today we were given hands on experience when it came using the different types of lanyards and whether they can be used as a fall arrest or as a fall restraint when working. It’s been an alright day , I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s training course as it is about fire safety and rumor has it that we will be getting experience with putting out various types of fires ,I’m looking forward to that.



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