09/08/16 :What a Waste of Time !

Today I woke up early as I was picked up earlier than usual as I had been booked onto a Handling hazardous substances course at Esholt Hall for 9 Am . I arrived just before 9 so that I was there on time for the course to start, however when we arrived there were 18 people instead of 10 that was originally booked onto the course, we later found out that our course had been canceled and rearranged for Monday but  no one had told us that the date had changed.

I left Esholt around 9:30 and got a lift with a fellow apprentice who dropped me off at the main Leeds site where my mentor was working that morning, it wasn’t until 11:20 when I finally met up with  my mentor. Since I first met up with him I’ve spent pretty much the whole day  waiting around and haven’t really achieved anything that I would call productive. Hopefully, I can achieve a lot tomorrow as I’ve got my rotor day then so I can spend the day doing what I need to do .



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