05/08/16 : Shopping Trip in Scarborough.

I went for another morning run today as I’ve had the day off work ,  however because I didn’t go for a run yesterday , so today I ran to the next village of Ellerburn as that came to a total of 3 miles , I was pleased to have been able to complete that however my joints are hurting a lot but everyone has to start somewhere.

My grandparents have come down for the weekend as they have a family christening to attend on Sunday, they are staying with us over the weekend which is always good as it gives me a good chance to catch up with how they were doing, when they came down we decided that we should go and have a look round the shops as I needed to buy some supplies for work.

After spending hours looking round the shops in Scarborough we finally arrived home around 16:45 which meant that I had enough time to quickly FaceTime Emily before she had to spend time with her Family , I fall in love with her more every time I see her. I’m hoping that I can have a productive day tomorrow as I still have a lot of jobs that I need to do.



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