04/08/16 : First Aid Course

Today I was required to attend an all day first aid course that was going to be held at one of the main offices called Esholt Hall. The Course was expected to start at 9 o clock so it meant that me and my mentor had to start work 15 minutes earlier , I don’t really like the early starts as it means that I get even less time sleeping in my warm bed.

During the duration of the day ive learnt a wide range of different emergency first aid that I may need to use while working , some of the skills that I learned were : Basic CPR , Recovery position , what to do if a seizure occurs , how to deal with burns and cuts . It was a great course as I learned how to deal with any situation that could occur while working. Overall its been a great and insightful  day ive learned lots that I can apply if required. I also had a multiple choses question exam to do at the end of the course to show that I had the correct understanding. I’m off work tomorrow so im hoping that can get a lot done tomorrow as I didn’t get as much as I wanted to do on Tuesday.




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