03/08/16 : Wiring up an aerator pump.

Today I woke up at 6am and got ready so that my mentor could pick myself up on his way to work , however this morning I was waiting 45 minutes for my mentor to pick me up , it got to the point where I had to phone him up to remind him that he needed to pick me up , when I phoned him up he was already on the A64 and he quickly needed to turn around to come and collect me.

It was 9:20 when we finally arrived on to the site . The first task that we needed to do was to wire up two floating aerator pumps as the old ones had failed and needed to be replaced. They were unloaded from a lorry and delivered to the Necessary area once they were off loaded we could wire up the pumps using the correct size cable for the electricity demands of the pump. To do this I had to use the correct rating for the gland that was used to secure the cable into the motor terminals so that it has the correct protection for the environment that the pump will be installed into.

I’ve got an all day training course tomorrow which is going to be a very long day , but I suppose it is a relevent skill to learn so its going to interesting .



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