02/08/16 : Car trouble

Today has been one of those days where Its been a busy but unproductive day, I wanted to work on my latest project however I haven’t been able to a single part of it due to driving around all day dealing with all the different issues that are have arisen during the day.

I woke around 7:30 had my breakfast and then went for a morning run / walk. when I got back I had just enough time to jump into the shower before I went for my driving lesson. By 11 o clock I had finished my lesson and next I needed to phone up my insurance company so that I could switch over to my parents car meaning that I could then legally drive the car.

I managed to sort out all the paper work for my old car , it has not been officially returned to the garage and they now own it , I got £1000 back for my old car which was a lot more than I expected to get back for it so no complaints there.

Despite my best efforts I didn’t manage to get any work done towards my latest project . Ah well there is always tomorrow !!



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