01/08/16 : Water hygiene course.

Another typical day at work I spent the morning attending a water hygiene course where I learned about how to ensure that potable water ( drinking water ) remains free from any bacteria and harmful contaminants so that it ensures fit for consumption, I also learned about the procedure for disinfecting all my tools prior to starting work on any restricted clean water sites.

After I had finished at the train course , me and my mentor Paul headed over to one of our main sites as there was a damaged ram pump that is used to move large amounts of sludge around, however it has been out of commotion for the last few days as the control side of the circuit hadn’t been operating as it should have been and as a result the ram pump wasn’t working as required instead it was cutting out half way though its cycle. After spending several hours trying to figure out the issue we eventually managed to find and fix the issue , and as it turned out the whole issue was caused by a single faulty component . This single component caused the entire system to work incorrectly.

I’ve got a rotor day tomorrow so I’ve got a lot of stuff planed to do tomorrow so its going to be a chaotic day tomorrow but I’m looking forward to it.




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