30/07/16 : Saturday lie in.

Despite wanting to get up early and go for an early walk / run , I didn’t wake up until 10:45 ( I always go back to sleep after my alarm goes off ) . But despite waking up late I still had a lot of jobs that I needed to do during the day, one of the jobs that I needed to do was get some paper work sorted out for my Honda jazz as I had recently returned it to the  garage because it was having major gearbox issues , I’m currently in the process of receiving the funds from the garage .

After I had completed the paper work I spent a few hours working on my latest article for my trending stories that I would be uploading later on in the afternoon , (link is provided below ) . I then enjoyed the most of a quite afternoon by watching a couple of you tube videos while I waited for Emily to come home so that I could talk to her as I hadn’t seen her all day.

link to my latest article on my trending stories : https://mytrendingstories.com/article/why-i-started-blogging-about-my-day-to-day-life/



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