27/07/16 : Gearbox issues.

Today has been one of my first days working with my mentor helping out with the various different tasks that he was required to work on. The fist task that we did was to replace a resistor that had been burnt out when a pump was connected to the circuit , this was caused because when the pump was replaced with a newer one and the control circuit wasn’t updated to met the demands of the pump.

Later on in the morning we finished the first job and had driven to the location of the second job , the second job was a lot more complex as it consisted of removing the roof of an enclosure so that a crane could be used to remove the large gearbox that made up an industrial blower that was to beĀ replaced as it had seized up and was unable to be used. it was a massive job to remove and replace the gearbox and in total it took around 4 hours to complete the job.



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