24/07/16 : wedding day 

Today has been a very busy and eventful day , as it’s been the day of the wedding for Emilys cousin . As usuall I woke around 9 o’clock which has become my morning routine as of lately . 
When I woke up the family was a rush as everyone was getting ready for the wedding at 2 o’clock. we were all ready for 1 o’clock which gave us exactly one hour to get to the church , the church service was interesting for me as I had never been to a wedding prior to this one so I was interested to see how they operated . 
After the service at the church we then traveled to where the reception was been held . It was held in a lovely hotel / restaurant that was called “The Barn” . The meal was ok but didn’t really fill me . After the speeches that followed the meal we left the main room so that the tables could be cleared away for the dance floor to be used . Me and Emily then spent the rest of the evening eating and dancing around . All in all a great day . 


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