16/07/16 : Sunny Saturday

Today has been one of the most gorgeous day that I’ve seen for a few weeks and I’ve certainly made the most of it. Much to my annoyance I woke up at 10 am which meant that I had just enough time to get up and get dressed before I needed to drive to my therapist at 10:30 , I wanted to be up nice and early so that I could get a lot done though out the day, but despite getting up later than I wanted to I still managed to have a very productive day.

I spent the majority of the afternoon going for a scenic walk into Ellerburn when I came back from a lovely walk I spent the rest of the afternoon working on another article for My Trending stories as well as medium, Once I had finished the article I spent a few hours talking to Emily today has been a good and productive day. Hopefully the weather is this good tomorrow.

Here are the links to my article :

Medium – https://medium.com/@dancalvert15/why-i-was-changing-my-personality-many-times-a-day-c0723d67673a#.94p1ogjor

My trending Stories –https://mytrendingstories.com/article/why-i-was-changing-my-personality-many-times-a-day/




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