14/07/16 : Home Time

Today has been another very quiet day at college , I only had two exams that I needed to complete in order to finish all of the units that are required for pneumatics and the hydraulics. I spent the first part of the morning going over all of my notes that I’ve been taking over the last few weeks , along side looking over my notes I also spent some time going over all of the equations that are needed to help work out the various forces that could be in operation while the cylinder was been used.

We sat the exam after our first break in the morning , both of the exams took about 20 minutes to complete , so I had managed to finish both exams before my lunch break. Our instructor had agreed that as soon as we had our exams marked we were free to finish for the week and have tomorrow off, Our exams had been marked by 1:15 which meant that we could spend the rest of the afternoon doing what we wanted. However most people didn’t really fancy spending the rest of the afternoon in hull so they packed their bags and drove home. unfortunately as I couldn’t drive home myself I had to catch a train that would take me to York where my mum was able to drive me home.

I spent the rest of my free time chilling out at home watching Tv and chatting to Emily, I’m really looking forward to my day off tomorrow as it means that I will have all day to do what I want to do .



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