13/07/16 : An Early Finish

At this time of year , the work load suddenly drops meaning that there is less work that needs completing. Today was one of those days where I had finished all of the work that I needed to do for college , I was left in a predicament as I had nothing to do at college , because I had nothing to do I spent the rest of the day revising the different formulas that I am required to know for the upcoming Exam.

By early afternoon we had been told that we could finish college early once all of our reports had been written up and handed in for marking , there was only one report that was left outstanding which was finished before afternoon break. We left college at 2:15 which meant that I had 2 extra hours of free time, after some thought I decided that I would spend my extra time by doing some photography around the Hull docks. I spent around 2 hours photographing the docks , unfortunately there was a large amount of clouds that were effecting the light levels so I didn’t manage to get many decent photos. When I came back to my flat I spent the rest of the day playing on my Playstation and talking to Em.

PS – The Photos that I have taken today have been added to my portfolio.


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