12/07/16 : A Productive Day

Again I’ve spent the day writing the various reports that are needed to complete the assessments. I had managed to get three of the reports written before lunch so I was very pleased with how productive I had been during the morning , however my productivity soon dropped off after lunch time , and when I came back from lunch I was slower than I had been the previous morning , I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the two other reports that are needed , In all fairness the two reports that I was working on during the afternoon were much more detailed than those earlier. Hopefully I will be able to finish off the outstanding reports tomorrow meaning that I will be able to move onto the next unit tomorrow.

After college I quickly had to visit St. Stephens as I needed to buy and write out a birthday card .Once I had posted the card,  I then returned back to my flat where I spent the evening talking to Emily for a few hours. I also spent some time working on some 3D art work I managed to finish my image of the earth that I’ve been working on an off for the last few days.


The 3D model of the earth that I’ve spent the last few days working on .




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