11/07/16 : The killer obvious.

Today at college I worked on finishing my assessments for the hydraulic units , there are five tasks that I needed to complete so that I can pass the units . Three of the tasks are the type where I need to design the system and then build it practically, I managed to get those three tasks done within the first two hours however one of the assessments that I needed to complete was a fault-finding exercise which consisted of constructing a given circuit when it had been tested to ensure that it had been built correctly , my instructor then added a number of faults to the circuit I would then be required to find all the faults and then rectify them.

At first I managed to find two faults pretty easily and thought that I would be able to find the third just as easily , I shouldn’t have thought that it would be so easy because I spent about 1.5 hours going over and over trying to figure out the final fault . After hours of frustration over finding the fault it eventually dawned on me what the fault was and it turns out that it was staring me right in the face, I couldn’t believe how simple it was. hopefully I will finish the rest of units tomorrow.



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