09/07/16 : Relaxing at home.

Today I spent the day at home doing various tasks that I’ve been wanting to do all week but never had the time . I woke up around 8 o clock and spent a few minutes reading my book . After that I decided to go downstairs and show my face to my mum before she left for work , I had a breakfast of Kellogg’s and watched some daytime, I returned to my room so that I could work on my project .

Emily woke up at around 10:30 so I spent a few hours on FaceTime talking to her she always manages to make me feel so happy and special we were just talking about nonsense but it made my day .

After we had come off FaceTime I spent some time working on a 3D rendering of the earth using a program called blender , I was following a video tutorial and slowing making progress towards creating a photorealistic model of the earth, I was happy with the way it was looking , I’m hoping that I can finish the model tomorrow.

I’m finally able to say that I’ve been offered a position to write for a website called ” My Trending stories ” and I’ve spent the last few days writing my first article for them , it’s about how I dealt with my social anxiety ,

if your interested in reading it than here is the link : https//mytrendingstories.com/artical/how-i-dealt-with-social-anxiety/



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