08/07/16 :Panic Over

I’ve spent the last few days worrying about finishing all of my assessments on time so that I can finish on time , but despite all my worrying I wasn’t working any quicker and to be honest I was getting upset and frustrated with my inability work as quickly as those around me. however despite getting worked up about not working quickly I managed to finish all of my reports for pneumatics and submitted them. I also managed to design all the circuits required for my hydraulic assessment which I will be hopefully doing sometime next week.

I feel really happy to have been able to catch up with my work as it means that I can finally stop worrying about how I’m doing compared to others around me, been able to conquer  my thinking helps give the sense of freedom and that is what I felt like when I completed all of the assessments for pneumatics , I felt a huge sense of self-satisfaction with what I achieved today, I hope that this feeling continues into next week.



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