7/07/16 : Another Busy Day.

Today has been another very manic day , I’ve been rushing around trying to finish as many assessments as I could its been a very busy day but it’s finally paid  off . I managed to finish off writing the report for the 3rd assessment and completed the Fault finding assessment, I’ve only got 2 reports left to write in order to complete the pneumatic assessments I’m hoping that I will be able to finish off the two reports tomorrow morning so that I’m able to Start the next unit on Monday.

I Also started to design and build the hydraulic circuits on the hydraulic rig I enjoyed working with the hydraulics it was a good change of environment  and it built upon the things that I’ve learnt of the last few weeks , I’m hoping to start the assessments for Hydraulics next week so that I get finished for the 22nd ready for work on the 25th.

After college I spent the evening Working on my latest project ( I will be revealing all in Saturdays Blogs Post ) , getting all of the details sorted out and getting everything set up. I also spend time before bed talking my gorgeous Emily , I’m so lucky to have her she is my everything.




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