1/7/16 : An Early Finish.

Today at college I had finished the two assessments that I needed to do for the pneumatic unit. The first task that I was asked to create was a basic electro-pneumatic system that worked by pressing a simple electronic switch this then activated a solenoid that caused a number of pistons to extend , the second circuit that I designed consisted of a number of different sensors that can be used to out put and electrical signal that controlled the relent turn solenoid for each of the pistons this enabled the two pistons to be staggered for each other.

Given that we had completed all of the assessments sooner than we were allowed to leave college earlier than usual . It was about 1 o clock when I left college which was extremely early for a Friday , however I am not complaining as its makes a nice change to spend the afternoon relaxing at home. I haven’t been back home for 2 weeks because I spent last weekend having an amazing time at Emily. I am mostly looking forward to sleeping in my own bed ( it’s the little things that make a difference ). I spent the majority of my afternoon off relaxing at home watching YouTube videos until my mum came from work , when she did I surprised her as she didn’t know that Id come home , she was really happy to see me back at home for the weekend.

Ps – I’m so happy for Emily as she has gotten her Level 2 NVQ in Hair , she has been working really hard for the last few months and I’m so proud of her for working as hard as she has done well done babe !! #soproud



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