30/06/16 : Kicked out from shopping Centre !

Today has been a very interesting day to say the least , First off at college we started doing some assessments for the Hydraulics and pneumatics. For one of the Hydraulics assessment I was tasked to find a fault with the hydraulic system , to do this I first did was to do a functional check of the system to see how it was working and to give me rough idea of what the fault was. Once I had tested it , I could then download the program from the system to make the relevant changes to it.

The issue was that the cylinder was pulsing between the two sensors each time where as it was meant to return all the way to its closed position before fully extending , After close inspection I found that the fault was actually pretty simple and all I needed to do was to make a few changes to the code.

After college we had arranged another game of football for 7pm so we had ordered our earlier then usual ( it was pizza !! ) I have been really desperate to go out with my camera but I didn’t have any spare time and if I did the weather wasn’t good enough. Anyway I finally had the spare time and the weather was good enough so I went out and spent a few hours taking photos around Hull . While taking photos I decided to go into one of the local shopping centres to take some photos of the people around and just get some casual photos of people shopping , while I was taking photos a member of the security team came over and told me that I wasn’t  allowed to take photos while I was inside the centre and said the I needed to leave !!

Despite everything its been a good day I managed to get lots of work done and even managed to take some photos around Hull.

PS : The photos taken today have been uploaded into the Photo section of my blog.



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