29/06/16 : Work Hard , Play hard

Today we were meant to be starting an additional unit for hydraulics , however for some reason we didn’t have a tutor that could teach us the unit required so we spent the first hour of college just chilling in the room ( Mostly making animal sounds and accents ) . Eventually we had to go and find out what was happening about the tutor situation , after talking to a few of the different instructors we found out the we had some outstanding work for electrical section.

Once we had changed into our overalls we started the work on electrical section. The final unit that was left out standing was unit 36.3 and it was a fairly basic unit all we needed to was to commission a motor circuit by checking that all the different values are within the required limit and that the circuit operates as it should. The circuit that I tested was called a DOL (direct on-Line ) before I could test it , I first had to build up the circuit on a panel backing plate that could then get mounted onto my bay so that I could test the motor. I find it useful to remove old units as it gives me a chance to test myself and ensure that I  know how to do it.

This evening I decided to play on my Playstation which is something I haven’t done for a few weeks, I spent just short of 3 hours playing Just Cause 3 ( I’ll be honest : I am in love with this game .. it’s so addictive ) . After becoming obsessed with Just Cause 3 I spent the rest of the evening talking to my gorgeous girl, She always brightens up my day every time I see her gorgeous face. #Love

I’m looking forward to progressing with the hydraulic unit tomorrow, hopefully it will be a productive day !!



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