28/06/16 : Working Hard

The day started off by having a meeting with our manager , It has been a few weeks since we last saw our manager and since we last spoke to him we have created a long list of various questions that we have about dates that we finish college and other stuff.

Our managers arrived around 08:45 , I was working on the shop floor at the time that they arrived, Me had the meeting in the computer suite where the rest of my group was working. After around 1 – 1:30 hours talking to the manager we had all of our questions answered and were given some additional  information regarding what will happen once we finish the college side of our training.

After the meeting with the managing team , I finally was able to finish the work that i started Yesterday . It was a very long and drawn out process that annoyed me as I wanted to do it quickly so that I could do more though out the day however the task ended up taking a whole lot longer than I wanted it too this made me rush the work slightly and as a result of me rushing to finish the quality of the work dropped of and i ended up making more mistakes.

Anyway by the end of the day I had finished all of the work that needed to be completed and I had started to type up a report detailing the work that I performed on the pump and motor. As usual for a Tuesday evening we had arrange a game of football and as expected i didn’t score any goals but i did assist with two goals so that a step in the right direction . ( I did however get a ball into my face twice ) but overall a good game and i think I played well.


PS: This Is my 100th post ,Thanks for all the views and likes 🙂


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