27/06/16 : Manic Monday

Today at college I started work on the maintenance task that I have to do as part of my apprenticeship , the task that I had to do was to strip down a pump and motor assembly to find out why it wasn’t pumping correctly , the motor was running but the pump wasn’t working . The fist thing i did was to completely strip the pump assembly down to its core components , when I was inspecting the assembly i found 5 faults on the pump , 4 of them were minor however there was 1 major fault that was stopping the pump from operating was the fact that there was a missing key from the shaft which meant that the shaft wasn’t gripping the impeller which wasn’t able to move the liquid.

Once I had located that it was missing a key , I began working towards creating a replacement using key steel ( a special type of steel used for cutting keys ) . it appeared to be quite a simple process however soon after i had started cutting down the steel i realised that it was a lot more complex than i had originally thought so . I ended up having to recut and file the key 5 or 6 times and i still haven’t gotten it to the right shape. Hopefully tomorrow i will get it the right shape and size so that i can install it into the pump.

After college I spent the majority of the evening on you tube watching various videos about travel photography , After Tea I spent the rest of the evening talking to my gorgeous Emily , I’m so lucky to have her.



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