26/06/16 : Home time

They say everything must come to an end , and today was sadly the final day that I had with Emily as I was getting the 17:30 train back to hull , so I made the most of our time together by spending hours lying in bed cuddling each other, but despite having a really warm and cozy bed to sleep on I had to get up and changed as we were going to visit Emily’s other grandparents that lived about 20 minutes away.

I always enjoy chatting to Emily’s grandparents as they always have something interesting to talk about for example today we spent a long time just talking about how water is treated , I don’t really know how to topic switched on to it but it did and we spent about half an hour just talking about the treatment of water, they are always positive about how things are and it fills me with positivity just listening to them.

After we had visited Em’s grandparents we headed back home so that we could enjoy the last few hours that we had together , again we snuggled up on the sofa while watching tv. A few hours later we woke up after realising that we had unintentionally fallen asleep which had made us leave the house slightly later than we wanted to but we still managed to arrive at the station with 45 minutes left before my train arrived , so we decided to spend the time looking round the local shops, the best one we visited was a very tempting sweet shop . There were so many different types of sweets it was hard to avoid them.

Soon enough my train came and I had to return to Hull . I took around 3 hours to get to Hull and I nearly fell asleep a few times but  wished that I could have spent longer with Emily but because I was at college the next day I couldn’t stay. I’ve only got to wait four weeks before I see her for her cousin’s wedding that I’ve been invited to.



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