24/06/16 : Finally Friday 

Today at college we finished designing the pneumatic systems , the final system was fairly complex it required sequencing of 3 different cylinders and all we were give to design to system was a flow solution diagram . It required a lot of problem solving as I needed to look at things from a different angle , eventually I had managed to design and build the system. 
Once we had successfully designed the system we could start working on the hydraulic units , the two systems are very similar as they both use compressed liquids or gasses to move cylinders with are used to move different loads . One of the major differences between hydraulic and pneumatic systems is that one uses compressed air where as the other uses compressed liquids . I enjoy working on these systems as they are easy to follow along with and I find it easy to get my head round it all .

I’ve been really looking forward to the end of the week as I’m spending the weekend at hers , I haven’t seen her for so long it’s been really hard this last month and I’m really looking forward to seeing her . However there is a 3 hour train journey to get there but it is toatly worth it . 



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