23/06/16 : Try and try again

Have you ever Had one of those times where you want to tear you hear out because something isn’t working as it should ? I’ve had that happening to me all day. We have been continuing to design and test out the different pneumatic systems , I had mostly been able to complete most of the tasks without much confusion.

However there was a particular task with took me and my partner around 1 – 2 hours to figure out the correct way to do it , and surprisingly it wasn’t that complex , nevertheless we persevered with the problem and eventually found the solution . I think I improved my problem solving skills so hopefully in the future i will be able to solve similar problems with a lot more ease.

After the very tiring day at college I returned to my flat got changed and then headed over to the train station to collect my train tickets that i need for tomorrow as I’m traveling down to spend the weekend at Emily’s , i honestly can’t wait its been too long since i lat saw her , I’m beginning to lose my mind. Anyway I’m really looking forward to this weekend its going to be amazing.



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