22/06/16 :A cheeky Nandos

Well we have finally started the pneumatic units that I’ve been waiting to start for a few days , but before we started the new unit we first had to clean the workshop as they had some sort of inspector visit this morning so we had to completely sweep the workshop down and return everything to where it belonged.

After an hour of constant cleaning we were allowed to start the unit . we spent the first hour or so going over the different safety aspects of using pneumatic systems and how to deal with them safely , once we had been told about the different hazard we started to learn about the basics of air systems such as : how to compressor works and how to regulate the amount of pressure in the system. Soon after we had started working on creating pneumatic systems that do different tasks , by the end of the day we were coming up with different way to do the same task , for example : we were creating different ways to make an ” and ” gate , I felt pretty confident about pneumatics and its a very interesting topic. looking forward to working on it tomorrow.

I came home from college spent the evening playing the age-old game of Runescape , buying food from the grand exchange so I could complete the quest that I’ve been stuck on for ages  ( don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about its video game talk ) , Some of us decided that it would idea to go out for a cheeky Nandos , of course I didn’t refuse , how could I  . And to be honest it was one of the best Nandos I’ve had for a while. #lovefood.


Ps : The photos from the car show are now uploaded into the Cars section on my portfolio.


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