20-6-16 : Report writing

Today was another day of spending hours just sat at a computer typing our reports , however in some ways I was grateful for putting us in a computer suite as i was feeling ill and i didn’t fancy working on the shop floor when i feel ill it would have made the day even longer.

I had managed to type another 1321 words onto my maintenance report meaning that the minimum word count of 2500 doesn’t seem that far away so that’s a good thing I’m hoping that I can finish my report before lunch tomorrow as that gives me time to make any changes that i may need to do.

Although there isn’t a dead line for the report I always like to finish as quickly as i can so that I’m not rushing things towards the end when i need to hand it in , that been said i want to finish before Wednesday the reason for this is that we start a new unit then and i don’t want to have to come back to this unit later.

After college today I came home and spent my spare time editing the photos that i took yesterday at the modified car show , i managed to spend a few hours on Skype to Emily as usual that helped brighten my day up .



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