18-6-16 : Working at home 

Today has been a quiet day , I woke up at 9:30 a bit later than expected but sill early enough that I could read before I had to drive over to my therapy .

After I got back from my therapy I had lunch then I spent the rest of the afternoon on FaceTime With Emily as well as working on updating my blog layout , it was nice just to relax without worrying about anything.

I spent the evening with my dad down at the local pub where I treated him to a few pints to celebrate fathers day tomorrow, its times like these when the time we spend together is so special. I owe a lot to my Dad and he has helped me though a lot so have a great day on me dad.

On another note I signed up to be put on the Stem cell register called Anthony Nolan, last week and they sent me a spit sample collector today where i needed to spit into a tube where it gets sent off to a lab to be checked and then put on a register , and if my cells are a match for someone who needs the stem cells then i can donate my cells to them to help them survive. I decided to register myself because i wanted to help other people and possible save someones life , I would recommend that anyone who wants to help someone signs up for it because you will feel so much better for doing it and you can also be helping people who are seriously ill. The website is : www.anthonynolan.org

The Pack that Anthony Nolan sent me to collect my sample. 



6 thoughts on “18-6-16 : Working at home 

      1. Dee says:

        That’s so unselfish and such a great attitude. I’m one of those ‘some people’ to whom you refer so know first hand how grateful someone will be for your gift. Good luck and best wishes

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