17-6-16 : Thank god its Friday.

After another day spending the whole day pretty much inside a lousy computer suite typing away at a computer as we had to finish off our reports about the maintenance that we completed on the lathes yesterday, the report has to be about 2500 words long and should cover all aspects of the maintenance that I did on the lathe. I managed to get about 800 words typed up during the day even though I wasn’t particularly focused on the work , I’m hoping that i can spend some time next week working on it so that i can get it signed off and marked as completed.Next week we start work on the pneumatics and hydraulic units , I’m really looking forward to learning about these as they provide additional knowledge and broaden my knowledge.

All day I was hoping that three o’clock would come sooner as i was completely shattered  really needed the weekend to regain my strength. I got woken up by my colleagues as then went out for the night to celebrate someones 21st and when whey returned the knocked on my door and i woke my at around 2am in the morning , overall I’ve been shattered all day and have really just wanted to spend all day in bed.

PS – I’m really happy for Emily as she passed her math exam , well done !!



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