16-6-16 : A meal at Chiquito

College today was somewhat productive , I had finished the maintenance schedule and completed the maintenance on the actual lathe. It took just over 2 hours to fully complete all the required tasks and ensure that the equipment was safe to use.

After college we had arranged to go out for a meal for my colleagues birthday , we went to Chiquita’s an Mexican restaurant that I had never been too. i must admit the food was gorgeous and i would defiantly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a different place to eat.

While I was at their meal with my colleagues i was doing something that id never done before. For the first time i was actually having a laugh and not worrying about what they though of me and how i judged my self, to be blunt i felt like i fitted into this group of people . Although most people don’t find things like socializing hard , i have been finding it very hard as in most cases i am worried about what people think about me and i have a tendency to over-think people’s actions which leads me to become withdrawn from other people . But tonight I felt like i actually fitted into the group , it was amazing all my worries were gone and i actually felt it was where i belong , i was happy because it was the first time that i felt as relaxed as i did.

When I arrived back from the meal , I spent the rest of the evening relaxing in my usual way , i spent my time talking to my gorgeous girlfriend Emily , i am so lucky to have her she is always there for me .



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