15-06-16 : Bouncing around

A long and repetitive day at work has made me very bored towards the end of the day , in fact we all got  so bored that we spent the last few hours playing games of volley ball and dodge ball however as we didn’t have the correct ball so we ended up creating on by screwing up a few pieces of paper into a ball.

I learnt a few things  while playing these games: one of them been that I have literally no hand to eye coordination this was proven to me many time when I went to try to catch the paper ball but ending up missing it spectacularly ( At least i had a laugh ) I also learned how much fun a few pieces can be especially if your bored , we spend about 1.5 hours messing about but it was hilarious all the same.

After college we had booked an hour session at the newly opened trampoline park called ” Rebound ” , it was amazing . there was tone of different areas and things to do , one of the areas that I enjoyed the most was the dodgeball area , we had a great time jumping around avoiding the balls that were hurtling towards us, (i will admit that i got a ball right to the face ) Overall it was a great evening spent jumping around.



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