14-06-16 : A sunny Tuesday

Another boring day at college today we spent the morning going though some power points about the different types of couplings and there uses . In the afternoon we moved into the Computer suite where we could work on our maintenance schedules that we were going to be performing on the lathe, by afternoon break I had finished the schedule and had started on a lubrication report that consisted of listing all the various type of lubricants and where they are used within the lathe as well as this I needed to write about how to safely dispose of the different lubricants.

After college i came back to my flat where i spent the remainder of the evening relaxing and talking to Emily , when emily went offline to spend time with her family , i decided to do something that i haven’t done for a while. I played on my playstation 4 !! .

Yes i decided i would spend some time playing assassins creed Syndicate  after not really playing on my PS4 for about 2 months and i am really glad that i did spend the time gaming as it helped to clear my mind and let me relax for the first time for a long while.



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