Today was an other busy day for me, I spent the most of the day traveling to various places, fist I drove my family on to Pickering so that we could have our weekly chat and get all the gossip that they had to say , After we had a long chat with that side of the family we drove over to the other side of the family where we were all having a family gathering as we haven’t seen them for ages.

I wasn’t until noon when I arrived home after seeing a large amount of my family, I am really glad that I saw them as I haven’t seen them for a while and it was great to see how much they have changed. We decided to spend the afternoon in York then we could go from there straight into hull afterwards, of course I drove around York I need all the practice I can get so that I past my driving test. Overall we spent about 4 hours in york when we started driving over to hull. the journey to hull was interesting for me as i had never driven over that way , we Made some detours on our journey to look at various interesting points such as : Elvington runway and the memorial statue , i love learning the history about different places.

When we arrived in hull I dropped off my stuff at my flat , but we wanted to go and have some food from McDonald’s so i ended up driving out of hull to visit a McDonald’s  , i was curious about the area that we were at so we went for a short walk around a path that was along the Humber , there was a really nice man who told us about how the area used to be used a fishing port where all the fish arrived by large boats where it was unloaded , sorted , cleaned then packed up into boxes and transported around on trains, I love finding about the history of an area and all the little secrets that it holds.

Despite today been chaotic I unfortunately was unable to FaceTime Emily until 9:15 my overall mood was pretty low without her I was feeling low and board i to be honest i was counting down till i could see her gorgeous face.

I’m hoping that college is good tomorrow and that it is a really productive day as I think it would boost my mood if I got a lot done.




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