This morning I had my theory exam for my driving , so it was an early start to the day , I had set my alarm for 6:00 in the morning as i needed to have a lot of time to get my self washed and had my breakfast before i took my exam. We were out of the house just after 7am as i was driving over to Scarborough and wanted to get there on time, I had originally planed to arrive with time to spare so that i could have a quick revision session before i went for the test , but because i was taking too long to park , i didn’t have time to practice before  i took the test so as you could imagine i was pretty nervous when i arrived.

However despite not having a practice before going into the test , I still gave it my best shot anyway and it paid  off , after only 45 minutes I left the test room and collected the letter that said my result on it , but i didn’t want to look at the result myself so i phoned up my mom and arranged to meet her in Marks and Spencer’s.

I Met my mum and handed the letter so that she could read my result before I could. I Passed !!!! . I only lost 2 points on the multiple questions which meant that i passed on that section , for the hazard perception i got 53 out of a possible 75 so overall a really positive result, couldn’t have been more happier.

After I had my test and seen my counsellor , we returned home at around 12;30. I wanted to spend the rest off the afternoon working on my project. In November I entered a competition to win some swarovski crystals , as part of the contest I have to create a useful contraption that uses the crystals. I came up with the idea to use the crystals as a gem gate where you had to put the gems in the correct order to open the gate. I have been working on and off with the project since November and I have tried many different ways to do it but the vast majority of my attempts have yet to work. Until today , today I had finally made some progress in the right direction by using the amount of reflected light to help tell the difference between the gems.

Once I was happy the idea and had done some basic tests to see if it would work, i could then use the information to start designing how it would look overall using fusion 360 , I had quickly drawn out the basic shape of the main body ( see Photo).

Screen Shot 2016-06-11 at 21.04.28.png
The Basic design for the bottom section of the sensor .

Hopefully I can get some more work done on it tomorrow , by doing this it helps to give me an idea of how it will look and it will be constructed when finished. But for now I’m going to go to sleep soon as I had to get up early.



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