Today has been a rather productive day at college today , I managed to complete the filing and the cutting that was required to finish the key ring that i started Yesterday, it took most of the day to get it to the required shape, once I had cut and filed the aluminium to the correct size and that it is square. After it was to the correct size i could then use engineers blue to cover the work in a layer of ink that can easily be marked up using a height vernier or a set of dividers. i used a set of dividers to make out the various different measurements that i needed to remove material from. After spending ages filing the edges down so that they were the required shape i checked the radius on the bottom corner and to my horror i had removed too much material.

The Journey home was a long one and felt like it lasted an eternity , i guess i just wanted to get home and spend the evening relaxing and talking to my gorgeous Girlfriend , however tonight i was going out for a 2 hour driving lesson i am getting more confident each time i drive.

Tomorrow i have my theory exam for driving , so that’s going to be a big thing for me tomorrow , I’m hoping it will go well tomorrow as it means that i would be able to book a date for my practical test , hopefully i will be passed before my 18th as it will mean that i have a lot more Freedom, I will let you all know how i get on, but tonight I’m going to get an early night as i have to be up early tomorrow.



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