Well today has been slightly better , we spent the first half of the day in the computer suite where we were working on adding more to our maintenance schedules , going more in-depth with the details about the specifics such as : the different lubricants used and basic maintenance of the equipment, The document has roughly 800 words in is so it’s slowly bulking out , I only need another 1200 words to go into my report as the report has to have 2000 words as i minimum , it gets split into 2 parts. The first part is actually the schedule itself it includes the list of things to check for and how to check them, i can usually get about a thousand words in that which means that i have to only type up another 1000 words for part 2 . For the 2nd part i need to write-up a report about what i found out when i did the maintenance on the lathe but because i haven’t completed the maintenance i can’t write the report yet.

After lunch we started work on a mini project , which consisted of creating a key ring out off aluminium bar, to do this I first needed to use a hack saw to cut a piece that measured 50mm long. After i had roughly cut the metal to just over the correct size i use a second cut file to file down one the  of the sides so that it could be used as a datum point ( the side where all the measurements are taken from ) I checked that the sides were square to do this i used an engineering squire and held it up to the light , if i could see any light though it then i could tell that it needed filing down, I’m hoping to continue that tomorrow , hopefully it will be finished by tomorrow afternoon.

When i arrived back after college i got dressed and headed out to take various photos around my flat, i was out for about 45 minutes before i came back so that i could have pizza before it got cold. I’m really looking forward to the weekend , it’s going to be very busy got lots planned, i can’t wait.





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