Well today has been better then previous days , it feels like i am finally getting somewhere with my qualification. As part of unit 029 i need to create and complete a maintenance schedule for a colchester lathe, there are a wide range of checks that should be completed : daily , weekly , monthly and yearly, these checks are important as they ensure that the equipment is running correctly and that there aren’t any issues.

So we spent some time this morning in the computer room where we spent the time typing up a basic schedule, to help us do this we had access to the manuals that came with the machine. Once we had made a start on the schedule we had to move to another room because someone needed to use the computer room so we got taught a lesson on the different types of gears and how different ratios are used to change the speed and torque.

Im glad that we are doing more work towards our qualification it gives a sense of purpose which int turn gives me motivation to work harder , It has also been a much cooler day which means that i have been able to focus more ( I didn’t fall asleep during lesson today . Get in )

After a long and busy day at college i came back to my room , where i spent the evening relaxing and talking to my gorgeous girlfriend Emily i always enjoy coming home to her she makes me so happy. Im looking forward to doing more work towards my qualification tomorrow.




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