Whats worse then spending a whole week stuck at a computer typing up questions?

Spending a whole week doing said questions then being told today that we are no longer required to do those questions , as the powers above have decided that we don’t need unit 19 so we have basically wasted an entire week in a computer suite when we could have spent the time doing more productive things. More wasted time that could have been prevented if there was more forward planning but instead we wasted a week worth of our time.

Rant over ! Anyway today has been much like any other , I was given an air operated diaphragm pump to dismantle so that i had some experience working with those type of pumps.


The basic principle of a diaphragm pump is that when air is supplied to the pump it causes one side of the diaphragm to be forced outwards whereas the adjacent side gets pulled inwards when both sides are in there respective positions,  the air flow then changes direction reversing the motions. while the diaphragm moves it sucks in the liquid and then forces it outwards, in order to achieve this there are 4 ball flow valves that ensure that the liquid cannot flow backwards.

They were fairly easy to disassemble as they were held together by a type of jewblee clip so all that i needed to do to remove the pipe work and separate the two diaphragms once i had separated the two outer covers i could then see how the air is directed around the pump and how it changes direction when required.

After college today i came back to my flat and spent some time revising my theory as well as talking to emily about my day ( i speared her the rant) , overall it has been an eventful day and i feel like i have learnt a lot about some air powered systems. Looking forward to tomorrow.



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