I woke up at 9 o Clock today despite setting my alarm for 7 , I was slightly annoyed at this because i really wanted to get up early and do some jobs and get some practise exams done for my theory exam which is next week , After I had gotten dressed and checked my emails i walked downstairs and had my breakfast with my parents and enjoyed the most out of the good weather so i sat outside on my phone enjoying the cool breeze of the morning. As usual We  were rushing our breakfasts so that we could go and visit my grandparents before they headed out for lunch with friends, it was about 10:10 when i pulled up into the carpark near my grandparents, my auntie had cycled on to my grandparents so we had a good catch up with her.

As usual on a Sunday we went to the local cafe to have our usual Tea and cakes ,  while we were in the cafe we decided that we needed to go to Scarborough to go and buy a replacement shower because it finally packed in after working for 19 years. The drive over to Scarborough was pretty standard and i didn’t experience any issues, when i got back from shopping i spent the evening talking to my stunning girlfriend telling her about my day, i enjoyed the company and i don’t know what id do with out her.



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