Today was an alright day , i had possibly the longest lie in possible i woke up at 11:09 so basically half the day was already gone. After i woke up i face-timed Emily for a few hours while i played on runescape , we are so alike i honestly feel like she is my twin its really weird we often think similar thoughts and today we even woke up at the same time.

After i played runescape for a while i had my lunch and then decided to go out and take lots of photos  of the village. It was a really sunny day the sky was really clear and that shade of blue that provides a really good contrast, days like this are rare and provide brilliant photos that look very professional , i walked up to the fields that are located at the top of the village they overlook the football and cricket fields as well as some farmland, i often go up there as it is really quiet and i can get some decent photos from there.

My weekly session of therapy was moved to 4 0clock today so it meant that i could have a lie in after i had visited Liza i drove back to Thornton and practised some different manoeuvres that i needed for my practical driving exam , it was useful to have some more practise driving. Im looking froward to tomorrow as i have a lot of plans and stuff that needs doing so it looks like its going to be an early night.



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